Who we are

U Credible is a " New Kid on The Block " backed with 15 years of experience in building businesses, their credibility, creditworthiness, and more. Our team is a group of people with expertise in everything connected to business credibility, credit, and financing.
We use unorthodox ways and approaches to help you and your business achieve your goals.
We are a group of hard-working people and businesses with a passion for what we do, helping people and small businesses succeed.
Your success is our success, and if we help you succeed, we consider it a win!


What we do

CCC Program (Corporation, Credibility, Credit).  

CCC program is a comprehensive consultation program invented to help you start, build, expand, and establish your company, credibility, and credit history.

 We are helping small businesses obtain loans, credit cards, or any other financing. Most importantly, you won't need to use your personal credit to get funding.   

We are helping people and businesses achieve their financial goals with almost none or very little investment, even if your personal credit situation is far from good.   

After going through our process of building or fixing your credit situation, you will have the power of two credits-personal and business.  We'll help you to start from scratch, or even lift you up from financial troubles!


Why choose us

Our unique and innovative process of building, expanding, or rebuilding business credit and credibility is one of a kind.   

CCC Program is designed to start, build, or rebuild your business and its credibility and creditworthiness.   

After we finish our work, you will be ready for any loans or financing you will need. 

We will guide how to obtain any loans or funding that will help you achieve your goals.   

You will be ready to take your business to the next level!  

You will be ready to fulfill your American Dream!   

You will be ready to do anything!

Our Partners